Calculation of the Tax Code

Calculation of the Online Tax Code

Calculation of the Online Tax Code

Free tool to calculate the Italian tax code online . You can generate it in a few moments surname by entering name, day and municipality of province and gender .
With this online tool you can also calculate the foreign tax code .
Generate it and copy it to your computer or smartphone to always have it at hand. You can also print and always carry with you.
It may happen, in exceptional cases, that the generated code does not correspond to that issued by the Revenue Agency.
The generated code follows the rules of the Ministerial Decree of 12.3.1974

What is the tax code?

The tax code is an alphanumeric code consisting of 16 characters . It is unique, that is, it identifies a single person in his relations with public bodies and administrations. We experience its usefulness on a daily basis.
The tax code contains within itself the basic information of each of us. This is the personal data necessary for institutions to recognize us when we access your services.

To find out when was born consult the FAQ.

How to manually calculate the tax code?

For the calculation of the tax code it is necessary to have the following personal information : surname, first name, City of birth, Province, day and year of birth, gender. If you want to check one, use the tool Reverse Italian Tax Code.

The first three letters correspond to the surname. Usually it is the first, second and third consonant. If the surname contains fewer consonants? In this case it is taken from the vowels present in the surname. If the surname is only two characters long, an X is added as the third letter.

The next three letters represent the name. Also in this case, if the consonants are not sufficient, it is taken from the vowels, this time taking them from the name.

The following two digits identify the year of birth. For example, if you were born/born in 1950 you will find the digit 50. You will see a letter below, it indicates the month of birth. alphabet starting from the letter A, but this order is not always respected.

What are the letters used to identify the month of birth?

In the tax code the month of birth corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. The letter that identifies the month of birth is in the ninth position in the alphanumeric string that composes it. It can be a vowel or consonant, and its association with the month of birth follows the conversion table established by the Revenue Agency.

Letter month Letter month
A January L July
B February M August
C March P September
D April R October
E May S November
H June T December

How to calculate a woman's tax code?

After the letter indicating the month of birth, a number consisting of two digits appears: it identifies the day of birth. In some cases this number is between 01 and 31, in other cases it is between 41 and 71. Why?
To make the person's gender immediately identifiable, at the time of the adoption of the tax code the following trick was identified: for men the day of birth is reported exactly as it is; for women instead a value equal to 40 is added (eg: a woman born on the 15th will find the number 55).

If you want to check one, use the tool Reverse Italian Tax Code.

Each City has its own alphanumeric code, where is it located?

The City of birth is one of the information reported in the tax code which, as a reminder, is used by the tax registry to register and check data relevant to the tax authorities.
The alphanumeric code that identifies the city of birth is found exactly after our day of birth and is made up of a letter and three digits (eg: those born in Milan will find the code F205). This code cannot be deduced through particular calculations since each City holds one deposited with the Revenue Agency.

What does the last letter of the tax code refer to?

The last letter of the Italian tax code is defined control character and is subsequently attributed to a particular algorithm that uses all the digits and letters contained therein. The control character is used to verify the correctness of the information and its calculation, for some, can be really exciting.

How to calculate Italian tax code for foreigners?

The foreign Italian tax code is made up of 16 alphanumeric characters and little personal information is required for its calculation, that is: surname, first name, country of birth, day and year of birth, gender. Even if the foreign one has the same structure as the Italian one, differs from the latter for the alphanumeric string dedicated to the place of birth, the one immediately following the day of birth. This alphanumeric string is composed of the letter Z and a series of three digits which identify the foreign country in which you were born (eg: if you were born in Aruba the code will be Z501). In addition, the letters EE are shown in correspondence with the province.

In practice, the code that identifies the place of birth in reality only identifies the country of birth and not the City. The last letter, as we have discussed earlier, is the so-called control character.