Calculation of the Reverse Italian Tax Code

Verification of the Italian tax code Online

Verification of the Italian tax code Online

Use the tool inverse tax code to verify the existence and its correctness . With a click you get the personal data corresponding to your holder of the tax code.
The verification takes place by inserting the alphanumeric characters. Thanks to a special algorithm, in a few moments the useful information will be generated to verify its existence and its real correspondence with the data of its owner.
It may happen, in exceptional cases, that the analyzed code is not valid even if correct.
The code is changed according to the rules of the Ministerial Decree of 12.3.1974

The information contained in the reverse Italian tax code

By entering the alphanumeric string of the tax code, the one consisting of 16 characters in the appropriate field, the algorithm will return the personal information of its owner. In this way you can verify that the code is correct and matches the right person.

If you want to know how the letters of the surname and name are selected in the tax code, consult the FAQ.

The gender of the person to whom the tax code is associated is immediately visible under the surname and name.

The date of birth is the other important information returned by the calculation of the reverse tax code. Knowing this information you can verify the correspondence between the tax code and its owner.

Finally, the City of birth and its Province appear. Once you have obtained all this information, you will be sure of the existence and validity of the tax code entered.

Incorrect tax code

The tool dedicated to the inverse tax code reports any errors in the tax code you have requested verification of. For example, if you type a letter or a number wrong, the algorithm reports the error highlighting the incorrect data.

The summary mirror of the tax code structure also briefly remembers the characteristics of the tax code, easily helping you to correct any mistake made while typing.

If you want to calculate one starting from personal data use the tool Calculate the tax code.